People often like the idea of adding a large projection screen to their home or office, but they don’t want the expense and mess of running electrical wiring to the screen. They also don’t like the electrical hookup being visible.

In this edition of the Did You Know? Blog series we want to introduce you the solution: the Acumen® Recharge. Acumen Recharge is battery-powered so it requires no wiring, cutouts, or visible connections.

The Battery
The Acumen Recharge Li-on battery is rechargeable and can be operated up to 500 cycles between charges—more than twice the staying power of other battery screens. It will also be around for a while. The Acumen Recharge battery can be charged up to 500 times. That’s 250,000 cycles over the lifetime of the battery!

You can also choose to keep the battery fully charged at all times. This is accomplished through a plug-in adaptor or via PoE (Power over Ethernet). Either way, the battery has an automatic shutoff to prevent battery damage.

The Controls
Your customers are looking for a control protocol that is easy to use and understand. Acumen Recharge controls range from wireless wall switches and remotes to integration with systems like Crestron and AMX. An optional wireless hub further allows voice and smartphone app control. You can also use the app to check the battery level.

The Experience
The Acumen Recharge is ready for action in many different environments. Whether you’re dealing with uncontrolled ambient light, big rooms with wide viewing angles and more distance to the farthest viewer, or a dim projector, the Acumen Recharge can handle it because every Draper viewing surface is available for the series. The Acumen Recharge V is available with our award-winning, 8K-ready TecVision® surfaces, along with OptiFlex, CineFlex rear projection, and ClearSound AT surfaces. Acumen Recharge E is available with the OptiView and ClearSound families of surfaces.

The Acumen Recharge is also bigger than most battery screens. Recharge is available with image widths up to 10 feet wide for a more immersive experience.

The Installation
Studs aren’t always where they are needed, plus hanging brackets or visible attachment screws aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing part of a screen installation. The Acumen series tackles both of these problems by using floating mounting brackets that mount directly to the wall studs. The Acumen’s extruded aluminum case then mounts onto cleats on the mounting brackets. It’s basically like hanging a picture, and the case “floats” along the brackets, ensuring solid support and precise placement. Bracket locks make sure the case remains securely attached.

Draper is so confident in the quality and durability of the Acumen series that it comes with an extended 7-year warranty. It’s the best warranty in the industry, but you’ll never need to use it.

To learn more about the Acumen Recharge, including how to buy, click here for the Acumen Recharge V and here for the Acumen Recharge E.

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