When planning for window shades in areas where children will be present, safety must be considered. Shades with closed loops like bead chain clutch shades can create a choking hazard.

ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018 is the safety standard for window coverings with operable cords located in areas accessible to small children.

Did you know that Draper has several solutions for ensuring child safety and meeting ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018?

Secure the bead chain.
Under the ANSI/WCMA standard, clutch-operated shades with a continuous loop require a cord-tensioning device. When a custom clutch-operated shade must comply with the standard, Draper provides a pre-installed Spring-Loaded Chain Tension Device. This tension device is designed to prevent the creation of a hazardous loop by maintaining tension on the bead chain. If it is not installed properly, and the loop isn’t kept taut, the shade will not work properly.

Manual without cord loops.
Another way to meet the standard is to get rid of the closed loop altogether. The FlexShade® Twin Pull provides all the benefits of bead chain operation in a cord-free, child safe design. The clutch mechanism operates ratchet-style via two pull wands (one on each side of the clutch) to raise and lower the window shade. It never needs adjusting and is available in sizes through 8′ (244 cm) wide. The pull wands are 20” or 40” (51 cm or 102 cm) in length.

To learn more about the FlexShade Twin Pull click here.

The Cordless FlexShade also offers cordless operation. This child safe design utilizes a spring-roller with controlled speed return. For details, click here.

Motorize without the wires.
Perhaps the best way to lose the cords is to upgrade to motorized shades. This can be a budget concern, however, especially on educational projects. Battery-powered low voltage motors offer a convenient and more affordable motorization upgrade. The FlexShade® Battery and FlexShade Recharge are quiet and easy-to-use battery-powered window shades. There is no wiring or electrician needed, and battery options include motor-in-roller Li-on or external battery wands.  For more information on the FlexShade Recharge, click here. For more on the FlexShade Battery, click here.

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