Did you know that Draper® has a fully staffed, standalone department dedicated to product quality? This edition of the “Did You Know?” blog series focuses on the importance of product quality and its impact on our customers and employees.

At Draper, quality is everyone’s responsibility. We have a fully staffed quality department working to ensure Draper quality standards and customer requirements are being met. Here are a just a few quick facts about our commitment to quality:

  • The quality team is there on all shifts, working with production and the manufacturing engineering team to make sure every product that ships from our Spiceland, Indiana facility meets our best in class standards.
  • Ensuring product quality is a team effort. Any Draper employee working in a manufacturing cell can pause production if there is a quality concern. Production cannot resume until the issue has been satisfactorily addressed.
  • Every projection screen and window shade we make is inspected by a person during multiple points of the assembly process, including component and final assembly.
  • Shades are inspected using backlighting so any fabric imperfections are found before the product leaves the manufacturing cell. Recently the backlights were upgraded to LED, which makes it even easier to see any flaws.
  • The Draper quality department utilizes a continuous improvement approach to manufacturing. Potential issues are resolved using formal problem-solving methodology.

By focusing on quality, Draper positively impacts employee and dealer satisfaction with a goal to exceed customer expectations.

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