The Draper At Home collection of shading solutions introduced at CEDIA 2021 is the most complete range in the residential marketplace. That’s great for custom integrators and their clients: the more choices you have, the easier it is to tailor a system to a specific home’s needs.

However, this does mean there’s a lot to think about and decide. To help integrators better advise their customers on those choices we’ve developed a Draper At Home collection sales kit. If you haven’t ordered yours yet here are five reasons to do it today:

It’s comprehensive.
The Draper At Home collection of indoor and outdoor shades features a wide selection of fabrics from U.S. weavers Phifer® and Mermet®.  The sales kit contains over 300 individual fabric swatches and also includes hardware color samples. Your client can experience first-hand the differences between fabric families.

It’s portable.
Despite the number of fabric swatches available, at less than 14 pounds the kit is very portable. It’s also very compact, measuring 12.5” x 12.5” x 6.5″. The kit easily fits in the trunk or backseat along with your other sales tools.

It’s easy to use.
Samples are organized into small, pullout fabric decks. Fabrics fan out for display, with key fabric information. Included with each set of swatches. Each deck is color-coded so you can quickly find which one you need and numbered so you can easily replace it in the box.

The informative Draper At Home catalog is designed to help you walk your client through the process of selecting the right solution.

The handy fabric openness tool.
Giving homeowners a visual understanding of how color and openness factor impact view through and privacy characteristics isn’t always easy. You can only hold so many swatches up to a window at one time! Thanks to our fabric openness tool included in each Draper@Home kit, you’ll never have to worry about that.

The tool folds open to show different colors and openness factors next to each other. Simply attach it to the window using the provided suction cups for a quick picture that’s worth a thousand words.

The coupons!
Each Draper At Home shade sales kit costs $250. That’s not a bad price for such an inclusive, well-organized, and durable sample kit. But Draper gives you the opportunity to get that money back, so you’ll end up breaking even on the deal! Each kit comes with two $125 coupons. Simply redeem one coupon with each of your first two orders to offset the full cost of the kit!

Why wait? Jumpstart your Draper At Home Collection sales today. Click here to fill out our order form, and the best new tool for growing your business will soon be on its way!

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