Wellness, comfort, and productivity are all important topics when designing a sustainable and healthy building. And a really important part of addressing those and other areas is indoor air quality.

You can learn more about the impact air quality has on a property’s bottom line in this blog post from 2019. But in this “Did You Know?” we want to discuss the importance of specifications and certification to make sure your tenants are breathing easy.

Draper® promotes indoor air quality by making available many products that are certified by UL GREENGUARD for off-gassing. UL GREENGUARD standards are less about what is in a material, and more about how much of the ingredients escape into the air via off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

GREENGUARD certified products meet some of the toughest chemical emissions standards in the world. GREENGUARD Gold certification means the product has passed an even more rigorous standard, designed to protect more vulnerable populations such as children in education environments. This certification guarantees a material meets or exceeds industry standard limits for off-gassing and helps protect sensitive children and adults in places they spend much of their time, including schools, daycares, healthcare facilities, homes, and businesses.

An example of a legitimate Certificate of Compliance.

Draper uses GREENGUARD Gold-certified materials in each of our primary product lines: projection screens, window shades, and gymnasium equipment. We were the first projection screen manufacturer to receive GREENGUARD Certification for projection screen fabrics. Our Matt White XT1000E, XT1000V, and Grey XH600V, front projection viewing surfaces are all GREENGUARD Gold-certified. Nearly every window shade fabric we offer is GREENGUARD Gold certified, as are all gymnasium divider fabrics and every gym wall pad.

Draper feels this is such an important issue that we work with dealers, architects, and specification writers to make sure GREENGUARD Gold certification is written into the building specifications. We also encourage them to demand evidence of certification in the form of a Certificate of Compliance. The importance of taking this step was underlined recently when Draper was notified by UL that one of our own wall pad Certificates of Compliance was fraudulently doctored by a competitor or one of their dealers to make it appear their product is certified.

You can check for GREENGUARD Gold certification on any Draper product or fabric on our website. Each certified product or fabric web page includes a downloadable copy of its Certificate of Compliance.

If you suspect another company is misrepresenting a product as being GREENGUARD or GREENGUARD Gold certified, please reach out to your Draper representative.

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