Motorization and automation are often seen as optional “extras” in a shading system. While it’s true that the fabric panel does most of the work, it’s also important that the fabric be properly deployed for maximum performance. That’s where the automation comes in.

In this edition of “Did You Know?” let’s talk about IntelliFlex® I/O, a control system that grows and adapts to the scale of the project to truly get the most out of the shading system.

Intelligent motors are connected to wall switches and other input devices through a wired network. This network allows communication between the devices and distributes power to them from the shade motors. No external power supplies are necessary.

I/O is highly customizable and can grow and adapt as needs change without replacing existing hardware and wiring.

Large buildings and campuses
When you’re dealing with a building full of shades, even small improvements in shade performance can have a large impact. The Central Network Controller (CNC) allows communication between shade networks and IP integration with other systems. This allows the shades to be part of building automation or perform large-scale automated glare control. The CNC has a touchscreen with a graphical user interface (GUI) but is also accessible remotely via a web interface.

Open areas and complete building floors
The SSI+ with Automated Glare Control is tailor-made for areas such as atriums, reception and waiting areas, wellness centers, and school gathering areas. It also can be used to automate shades on an entire floor of an office or mixed-use building. Up to eight separate glare control zones can be set up so multiple strategies can be implemented to improve building performance.

Small, simpler projects
On smaller buildings the Sensor/Schedule Interface provides a level of automation using scheduled events and sensors. Up to four sensors can be brought into an IntelliFlex® I/O network using the SSI. Built-in features support brightness, wind, and precipitation sensors, as well as pyranometers. Up to eight scheduled override events can be configured to run on any combination of days of the week.

Whatever level of automation your project requires, Draper provides technical support, wiring diagrams, commissioning, and more. Click here to learn more about IntelliFlex I/O.

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