Are you looking to spruce up your home and enjoy the benefits of smart home technology? Draper At Home motorized shades have a wide variety of fabric, color, motor, and control options available to create the perfect fit for your home.

Here are a few ideas on using Draper At Home motorized shades, powered by Somfy, to bring a new level of smart comfort to your home.

Comfort for every room.
Window shades are a whole home solution. Using a combination of controls and sensors they can follow the path of the sun to reduce glare throughout the day. In other rooms they can provide a measure of privacy while retaining views to the outside.

In this project, the homeowner is using Motorized FlexShade® window shades with Mermet USA E Screen Deco fabrics with a 3% openness.

Meanwhile, this home features Motorized FlexShade window shades with Phifer SheerWeave® 5000. The openness factor is 5%.

Compare the projects and look at the differences—and the similarities.

Odd shapes and sizes.
Not all openings are the same shape, and not all glazing is vertical. There are static and motorized solutions for handling those out-of-the-ordinary windows or skylights. And if standard products don’t fit the bill, the Draper design team can tailor a unique solution to fill the need.

Here’s an example: This Chicago residence required a fresh look at spanning a skylight opening. The custom skylight shade uses Mermet USA E-Screen™ white fabric with a 1% openness factor.

Keeping the heat away.
The short wave energy from sunlight isn’t a heat problem until it actually hits a surface. But once it does, it is emitted in long wave form as heat and temperatures begin to rise. Interior shades are an excellent way to reduce solar heat gain, but exterior shading is even better. Exterior shades prevent the sunlight from getting to the window. They can also add a great deal aesthetically to your home’s appeal.

This example features FlexShade ZIP shades installed on a home in Arizona. The fabric is Mermet E-Screen Charcoal/Cocoa with a 3% openness.

Motorization without the wires.
During renovations people can overlook the possibilities of motorization because they don’t want the hassle of running electrical wiring to the shades.

The solution? Motorized shades without wiring. Draper offers rechargeable battery-powered shades that still offer integration into your smart home but without the mess or cost of additional wiring.

Click here to see a battery-powered shade in action.

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