FlexShade® ZIP brings the comfort and security of the indoors outside. Over the past few weeks this blog series has discussed how the ZIP allows you to expand usable square footage in both living and business areas without costly renovations.

In this week’s “Did You Know?” we’re going under the hood with a deep dive to explore the nuts and bolts of the FlexShade ZIP.

The headbox.
The extruded aluminum cassette-style headbox is available in two sizes: The ZIP 92 is 3-5/8 inches high (92 mm) while the ZIP 127 is 5 inches high (127 mm). There are three styles: square, angled (ZIP 127 only), and curved.

The side channels are only 1-3/4″ (44 mm) wide, and can be recessed, jamb mounted, or face mounted.

The standard finish is silver or a textured powder coat in white, black, ivory, sand, or charcoal bronze. Draper can also do custom powder coat colors!

Sizing things up.
The Motorized FlexShade ZIP is available in sizes up to 16 feet wide by 10 feet high (488 cm x 305 cm), depending on the fabric being used. The ZIP 127 headbox is available as the FlexShade XL in sizes up to 25 feet wide by 15 feet high (762 cm x 457 cm), again depending on fabric selection.

How it works.
As mentioned in a previous post, this type of outdoor shade gets its description from a zipper detail on both horizontal edges of the fabric panel. The zipper detail is heat welded to the fabric and runs through the side channel on each side of the shade to keep the panel in place.

The hem bar is weighted to stabilize the shade during operation, and the fabric is held securely to the roller by a spline attachment.

The headbox extrusion supports the entire roller using a cradle system to reduce roller deflection even in the largest sizes.

The operator.
Although available with a crank operator, Draper highly recommends motorization. Motorized shades are easier to operate, especially in larger sizes, and they open the door to integration and automation. The standard obstacle detection motor will stop and reverse if the hem bar comes into contact with anything, preventing damage or injury.

One more thing.
In more and more U.S. markets local inspectors are requesting that all products be UL Listed. It can be a complicated process to get products approved without UL Listing. That’s why Draper sought and achieved UL Listing for the FlexShade ZIP. This makes it easier for dealers and installers to provide local authorities with the assurances they seek. The ZIP’s UL label immediately answers any questions an inspector might ask about fire and shock hazard safety.

UL Listing is good throughout the United States and Canada on units manufactured beginning February 10, 2021.

Scope out all the specs on the FlexShade ZIP here. Click on the “Got a Question?” tab to contact your Draper representative!

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