While the FlexShade® ZIP provides great protection from glare, the elements, and insects when used outside, it isn’t the only type of outdoor shading solution.

Did You Know Draper also offers other, non-ZIP style roller shades for use outdoors?

Exterior Motorized FlexShade®
In outdoor solar control, the Exterior Motorized FlexShade window shade combines convenience and ease of use with the simple touch of a wall switch or remote. Shades can be raised or lowered quickly and quietly to the desired position to filter harsh sunlight for sun-controlled comfort in residential, commercial, or institutional settings.

These shades mount directly over the outside of your windows. You can choose either side channels or cable guides to keep the fabric in place, but the side channels do not provide the same protection as ZIP side channels.

An XL version is available up to 16 feet (488 cm) wide!

Exterior Crank-Operated FlexShade
The Exterior Crank-Operated FlexShade window shade’s crank handle provides added security by limiting unauthorized persons from operating shades. The crank offers precision control for quick and easy adjustments to raise or lower window shade(s) to exact desired height. Exterior shades provide maximum solar heat gain reduction because they reflect heat before it enters the building, creating a more comfortable indoor workspace for restaurants or commercial settings.

Exterior Clutch-Operated FlexShade
The Exterior Clutch-Operated FlexShade window shade provides outdoor solar control in a variety of areas. By providing relief from harsh sunlight, it creates useful outdoor space in restaurants, commercial settings, and protects pool and patio areas from glare. Exterior shades prevent most of the solar energy from entering a building, thus allowing for a more comfortable indoor workspace environment as well.

See all of our outdoor roller shades here. Click on the “Got a Question?” tab on the individual product pages to contact your Draper representative.

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