While roller shades provide great protection from glare and the elements, they aren’t the only outdoor shading solution.

Did You Know Draper also offers nontraditional shading systems, including louvers, for use outdoors?

FlexShade® Panels
Skylights, sunrooms, sloped glazing in solariums, and odd-shaped openings can be challenging for solar control. The FlexShade® Panel is designed just for these hard-to-reach openings and windows that are not standard shape such as arches and circles. The non-operable sunlight filtration system can be installed inside or outside. For more information click here.

Venetian Blinds by Warema
The most efficient solar control method ensures your home receives a natural balance of heat and light. Slats on Venetian Blinds by Warema can be extended, retracted, and tilted at any angle. Warema exterior and dual façade applications provide optimal daylighting, solar control, and thermal comfort new buildings or renovations. More information is available here.

FlexLouver™ Rack Arm System
Spaces with fine furnishings and artwork need precise light control to protect them from fading. The FlexLouver™ Rack Arm System is an operable louver system for interior or outdoor use that requires minimal maintenance. The shading system finely tilts open or close to control solar energy, light, and glare within a space. Each system is custom designed to meet a specific application, making FlexLouver ideal for difficult glazing situations. For more, click here.

Sideways Drawing ZIP Systems
Sometimes a standard outdoor roller shade won’t work. Intermediate side guide cables or tracks may not be possible because of sliding or folding doors. Alternatively, it may be a glazed corner where there is no mullion. The Sideways Drawing ZIP system was designed specifically to address these problems.

The roller tube assembly is installed vertically, and the fabric panel is drawn across the opening. The ZIP technology locks the fabric edges into the top and bottom tracks so the fabric won’t slide down the roller tube assembly.

With a vertical roller tube, there is a concern that the fabric will slide downwards affecting the appearance of the system but also running risk of damage to the fabric and failure of the system. To address these issues, zip technology is used. Click here for more information.

Tailored Shading Systems
When shading requirements for a project can’t be met with a core or advanced solution, we can develop a tailored system that meets the specific project requirements. Our Solar Controls Solutions team’s engineers, designers, and draftsmen are able to take a concept, create a prototype, and turn it into a working solution.

Our team works closely with the customer to determine the specific project requirements. Concepts are then developed for discussion, and approved approaches are developed further. Often, specific components are 3D printed for testing and approval. Once a design is approved, manufacturing begins to bring your project to fruition. Learn more here.

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