Are you making plans for a change in your home decorating next year? Or moving into a new space that needs upgrading? Several hot home trends for 2022 involve the health, safety, and comfort level of your home. Here are a few of the hot home trends for 2022, and how Draper At Home can help.

Healthy Home
Wellness, sustainability, and a connection with nature are becoming more important to homeowners. We humans have an inherent inclination to connect with nature. That inclination is called biophilia, and it’s the inspiration behind biophilic design, which uses natural light, nature views, and even vegetation and natural building materials in design.

Draper offers shading systems with a variety of sustainable fabric options from U.S. Phifer and Mermet USA. Most are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified for low VOC off-gassing. We also offer PVC-free and recycled and recyclable fabrics.

Natural Light
One key element of biophilic design mentioned above is using more natural light. While more and larger windows and skylight openings do bring in more natural light, they also bring in some not-so-good side effects: glare and solar heat gain. Using shade fabrics with a lighter color on the outer side and a darker color on the inside reflects the maximum amount of glare while still allowing views through to the outside.

Natural Tones
Having spent more time at home over the past couple of years, designers say people are looking for the more natural and comfortable feeling of natural earth tones. Grey, white, beige, and brown with warm undertones will also be popular.

Draper At Home has one of the widest window shade fabric selections available. We can also print on shade fabric to help create the perfect color to help you relax in your comfortable home.

Outdoor Living
In addition to bringing a closer connection with nature inside you can take the indoors outside. Outdoor shades like the FlexShade® ZIP can be used to create comfortable spaces free from glare, heat gain, and rain. The ZIP feature keeps the fabric panel from pulling out of side channels, keeping insects out and comfort in.

Multifunctional Spaces
Instead of every space having a single set purpose the new trend is to create spaces that have multiple functions. One example is home entertainment. Instead of having a dedicated home theater with big screen and blackout shades, you can open that space up. A retractable screen disappears when you aren’t experiencing media. Dual roller shades provide both room darkening and light filtering shades. Deploy whichever is appropriate depending on what you’re doing.

Smart Home Technology
This is where the entire home experience is wrapped up into one convenient package. Draper At Home roller shades are powered by Somfy to be integrated into your smart home. A wide range of control and automation options are available in a single protocol that is already well-known in the custom installation market. And using Somfy TaHoma®, Draper At Home connects with many leading automation brands for voice, remote, app, or IP control.

The Draper At Home collection offers many solutions for helping to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment in your home. For more information reach out to your Draper representative or click here to go to the Draper At Home website.

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