Perhaps the most important element of decorating your home is color. Your color palette not only communicates your taste and personality to others it also affects your mood and comfort level.

Window shades play an integral role in your color scheme by controlling glare, and in helping to bring together your interior design. And while our Draper At Home collection includes hundreds of fabric color and pattern choices from leading American weavers Phifer and Mermet USA, sometimes there just isn’t the perfect match you’re looking for. Did you know if that’s the case, we can print custom colors on shade fabric?

The perfect match.
It’s quite simple. Provide us with a sample of the color you need. Draper technicians take color samples and use our them to come up with the perfect custom color shade to fit right in. Draper has upgraded and added to color match equipment for graphic shade printing. Using spectrometers and other advanced technology, print room staff can now dial in on an exact color. Or, if you prefer, we can provide an optional nine-spot swatch test so you can compare an exact match with several near matches and choose the one you like the most.

You can also send us the Pantone, Sherwin Williams, or Benjamin Moore color number you want to use and we will match it!

Draper Manual FlexShades installed at Sweetwater Spectrum, Sonoma, CA. Architects – Leddy Maytum Stacey

Getting it right.
Our knowledgeable in-house designers and high-tech digital printers ensure the highest quality control. A backlit inspection table allows us to review prints of any size for quality and accuracy. We use daylight-balanced lighting in our facility and utilize a dedicated light booth for critical review. These steps help ensure you get exactly what you want.

About those inks.
Our CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) inks offer brilliant, vibrant color reproduction throughout a wide color gamut. But they are more than just the building block of a perfectly printed picture.

We use water-based latex inks that are UL ECOLOGO certified, and GREENGUARD GOLD certified with no off-gassing. They also contain UV inhibitors to help protect against fading.

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