Manually operated window shades are a popular choice in many settings because they are less expensive than motorized solutions. That includes places where small children may be present, including homes, schools, and day care centers.

Did you know ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018 is the safety standard that applies to window coverings with operable cords where small children may be present. We offer bead chain-operated shades that meet the standard (more on that later), but we suggest the safest route is to avoid cords and chains altogether if small children may be present.

Here are a few ways to do that:

Battery-Operated Motors
Two big reasons many projects use shades with operable cords or chains are cost and installation convenience. Motorization does cost more and running wiring—especially on retrofit projects—can be an invasive process.

Battery-operated motors address both of these issues. They are less expensive than traditional motorized units and there is no wiring required. And you do have some further choices based on budget and need:

  • EZ Lift. This is an inexpensive way to use battery power in your next project. A control wand is attached to the shade and the rechargeable battery accepts any micro-USB charger.
  • FlexShade® Battery. Batteries are easily replaced in the re-loadable battery wand, or never worry about changing batteries with a rechargeable Li-ion battery motor. It’s simple to program and easy to use!
  • FlexShade® Recharge. The rechargeable batteries are located inside motor, so there are no battery wands to hide! The optional Alexa or Google Home compatible Recharge Data Hub opens the door to many control possibilities, including wireless wall switches, remotes, voice, or mobile app.

Wired Motors
Hard wired motorized shades do have several advantages of their own. There are multiple ways to control them, and they are typically a better solution on large projects.

  • Motorized FlexShade® – AC. Draper® AC hardwired motorized shades are UL listed, so you can be sure of years of safe, reliable performance. Each version is available with hundreds of fabric color and openness choices, and with hardware options to fit with any style or need. Traditional, Smart, and Radio Technology Somfy® motors feature a wide array of external control options, including wall switches, handheld remotes, and integration with third party home control systems, to provide the perfect solution for your home.
  • Motorized FlexShade® – Low Voltage. Low voltage window shades are quiet, consume less power, and require less wiring by an electrician. They are easy to integrate with home automation or lighting systems, ensuring your shades are always where they need to be and provide you with long-term, worry-free performance. RTS, Smart, and Dry Contact versions are available with the same fabric and hardware choices as Motorized FlexShade® AC models.

Manual Shades
If, in the end, you still want a manually operated shading solution, we also offer child-safe alternatives:

  • Clutch-Operated FlexShade/FlexShade NEXD: To make bead chain operated shades safe for small children and bring them into compliance with the ANSI standard Draper provides a pre-installed Spring-Loaded Chain Tension Device. This tension device prevents hazardous loops by maintaining tension on the bead chain. If the device isn’t installed properly, and the loop isn’t kept taut, the shade will not work properly.
  • FlexShade® Twin Pull: provides all the benefits of bead chain operation in a cord-free, child safe design. The clutch mechanism operates ratchet-style via two pull wands (one on each side of the clutch) to raise and lower the window shade. It never needs adjusting and is available in sizes through 8′ (244 cm) wide. The pull wands are 20” or 40” (51 cm or 102 cm) in length.
  • Cordless FlexShade: The Cordless FlexShade® option replaces the clutch and motor options to give a clean look and simple operation. This option may be added to any non-motorized shade, replacing the standard clutch. The Cordless FlexShade features an exclusive cordless bracket system for simple installation and operation.

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