Not every project requirement can be met using a standard shading system. Did you know Draper has a custom solutions group comprised of architectural consultants, designers, project managers, and manufacturing staff?  Our team will work hand-in-hand with you to determine what level of custom is required.

Modified Systems
A unique building design doesn’t necessarily mean a completely custom solution is required. We often find that only some components need to be modified to properly interface with the structure. The Solar Control Solutions team can meet these needs by developing and manufacturing new components, such as custom brackets, headboxes, or fascia.

The process begins with discussions to help our design team create initial designs and sketches. After fine tuning and creating 3D printed components for testing, the final design is approved, and the modified components are manufactured.

For more information and a short case study, click here.

Partner Systems
Drape‍r has spent the past 120 years building partnerships, which has lead to some particularly strong relationships with European manufacturers. These international partners have a range of solutions not generally available in North America. They provide the product, we provide full support throughout the entire project, including:

  • Design team discussions
  • Specifications and drawings
  • Project management
  • Installation support
  • Commissioning of controls

Click here for examples of partner systems.

Tailored Systems
Sometimes no matter how far we search we can find no standard or slightly modified solution. In those cases, our team’s engineers, designers, and draftsmen will take a concept, create a prototype, and turn it into a working solution—all from beginnings sometimes as humble as a napkin sketch.

Our team works closely with you to determine the specific project requirements, then shepherds the solution through the entire process, to manufacturing, installing, and commissioning. Concepts are then developed for discussion, and approved approaches are developed further. Often, specific components are 3D printed for testing and approval. Once a design is approved, manufacturing begins to bring your project to fruition.

Click here to learn more about tailored systems and learn about some real-world examples.

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