On large or complex motorized shading system projects, it can be difficult to ensure that the operational narrative and architectural shading strategy are carried out as intended.

Did you know that Draper offers site commissioning services to ensure that your shading strategy is executed correctly?

When you’re dealing with potentially hundreds of shade motors and integration with a BAS or 3rd party systems, our expert commissioning services ensure proper operation of your shading system.

Draper site commissioning includes:

  • Site visits by Draper staff (up to 8 hours on-site per day).
  • Programming of control system per the approved operational narrative.
  • Site validation of all settings on controls and inputs.
  • Operational review of all input devices.
  • Troubleshooting of automation, motors, controls, inputs, and connections.
  • Owner training.
  • Coordination with 3rd party integrators.
  • Post commissioning report.
  • Remote support for 6 months.

Off-site commissioning is also available—ask us for details.

Draper doesn’t stop there. We can help you from the very beginning of the process with our Project Management and Shop Drawing Program.

Draper will provide project drawing to define wiring and mounting details so everyone will understand how the installation is to be executed. All parties can review and approve drawings for a shared understanding of scope, operation, and performance.

Drawings provided by Draper vary based on your needs. Here are some examples of what we provide:

  • Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP) indicating locations of motorized shades, wiring layout, and connections to motors, switches, and accessories.
  • Section detail of each mounting condition/variation.
  • Unique building elevations showing shade locations.
  • Operational narrative detailing functions of the shading system.
  • Submittal drawings with approval required before shade production begins.
  • Construction drawings provided prior to installation incorporating requested changes to submittals.
  • As-built drawings detailing changes made during installation.

 Make installation of your project go more smoothly. Click here to look through our wide array of shading solutions and to contact your Draper representative to see how our program might help you on your latest project.

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