Window shade manufacturers all say their products are safe and high quality. But how do you prove it?

UL Listing is the gold standard for proving product safety throughout the construction industry. Did you know that just about a year ago, Draper achieved UL Listing for several models of Motorized FlexShade®. The UL Listing covered the following products as an entire unit, and not just for some UL Recognized components:

  • Motorized FlexShade AC
  • Motorized FlexShade I/O AC
  • Motorized FlexShade 485 AC
  • Motorized FlexShade RTS AC

Now we have even more good news. We’ve added full UL listing to several other motorized shade products:

  • FlexShade ZIP
  • FlexShade ZIP XL
  • LightBloc ZIP
  • LightBloc ZIP XL
  • Exterior Motorized FlexShade
  • Exterior Motorized FlexShade XL
  • Motorized FlexShade XL
  • FlexShade Tension ZIP
  • Skylight ZIP

The above products now carry the UL label, immediately answering concerns or questions about fire and shock hazard safety.

For more information about all of our Motorized FlexShade window shades, click here to find product information, photos, specifications, drawings, and other technical documentation.

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