AV integration is a busy industry. You need to get the best and most profitable returns from the hours you put in. And one area where time can seem wasted is in the quoting process.

Draper is helping you make the most of your time by streamlining the quoting and ordering process with Draper Online for AV products and offering an incentive for you to sign up! Receive a percentage discount from your Draper Online quote for the rest of the year.

Now you can generate quotes anytime, 24/7. Simply enter the product configurations and quantities, and you’ll receive instant access to a printed quote. Request and generate drawings (dwg and pdf) to be emailed back to you within minutes. You can reopen and revise quotes anytime!

“The thing that I love about Draper Online is that it won’t allow you to do anything you shouldn’t. If you make the wrong selection, it will let you know,” said Jason Felix, the president of Performance Plus Marketing. “That for me is a big deal because I don’t know the specifics of a tube diameter, or the weight it can handle, and it figures that all out for me. It simplifies my life.”

Sign me up, you say? Registering for DraperOnline is easy. Just click here and fill out the online form to request access. We’ll get you registered and send a confirmation email with information on how to access and use the system. And don’t forget: When you sign up, we’ll give you a discount on your quotes for the remainder of the year!

To watch a video on how to access and navigate DraperOnline for AV products, click here!

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