Motorized window shades are one of the most flexible smart solutions you can add to your home. They can help reduce energy costs by mitigating solar heat gain and control glare, even while allowing you to retain views to the outside. But shades can also be used to enhance your privacy and security plan.

Keep prying eyes at bay.
Mesh window shades can provide a measure of privacy during the day. But that protection goes away when the sun goes down and your interior lights are on.

This problem is resolved using solid fabrics with no openness factor. These opaque shade fabrics, known as room darkening fabrics, prevent anyone from seeing at any time of day.

But some might only wish for the additional privacy in certain rooms. Thanks to our wide range of fabrics families and colors, you can use opaque shades in some areas and mesh in others while keeping the same look.

Allow daylight and privacy in the same window.
Balancing the need for privacy with the positives of natural light doesn’t have to mean choosing one or the other.

Dual roller shades feature the ability to vertically stack two fabric shades in a single recessed headbox leading to design solutions that optimize a project space. By having an opaque fabric on one roller and mesh on the other, you can choose which you want at any given time.

Another option for combining privacy and daylighting is the use of translucent shade fabrics. These fabrics provide a certain level of privacy but also allow sunlight to filter through. They provide a sense of warmth in any space.

Set the scene for security.
Draper At Home motorized roller shades are powered by Somfy and designed to integrate with other smart home solutions. This allows shades, lights, AV, and even alarm systems to work together. For instance, without integration turning off the lights, placing the shades, and turning on your alarm system is three separate tasks. Thanks to smart home integration, a “scene” can be created to accomplish with a single action—pressing a button or giving a voice command.

Travel with peace of mind.
The ability to set up scenes combines with mobile apps to let you relax when you’re away. Create automated scenes so your connected smart devices turn off or on according to the time of day. Set up different scenes in different parts of the house. And be sure to have the shades move every now and then and in tandem with lighting.

You can also use a mobile app to access your smart home from anywhere. Check cameras, change scenes, turn the alarm off and on to allow approved visitor access, and cause unscheduled actions to make it even more convincing that you are at home, and not 500 miles away on a beach. To learn more about the Draper At Home collection of shades for your smart home, click here.

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