More and more we’re discovering how emotions are affected by our surroundings. Shapes, textures, and especially colors can have an impact. As this ArchDaily article points out, “people have been looking for ways to set up rooms that provide the apotheosis of their feelings, no matter if the goal is to be more calm, express their anger, listen to music or a leisure activity.”

Did you know Draper At Home window shades are an important part of this design trend? Here are several ways motorized shades come to your emotional (design) rescue.

Feel safe and comfortable.
Finding spaces where we can truly relax and find comfort—some might even say serenity—is even more important in our smaller world. Natural views are an important part of that, but glare and heat gain or loss can interrupt, depending on what part of the house you are in and during what daypart.

Draper At Home roller shades can be automated to work with your smart home throughout the day to ensure the ultimate in comfort wherever you are in the house. We offer many natural fabric colors and weavers from domestic partners like Mermet USA and Phifer.

Lose yourself in your hobby.
Over the past couple of years there has been a resurgence in hobbycraft. Reading, working out, streaming entertainment, arts & crafts, board games, DIY, and indoor and outdoor gardening are some of the most popular new hobbies people use for diversion, relaxation, and emotional regrouping.

One thing these hobbies all have in common is the need to control light. If your hobby room is mostly for viewing movies blackout shades are a must. But if it is a multi-purpose space Dual roller shades are great solutions. They allow you to combine two shade panels with two different uses in one window.

Match your work style.
If you are working from a home office at least part of the time, light, natural views, comfort, and privacy are all important. Studies show natural views and light promote productivity, while glare detracts from it. The Bottom-Up FlexShade® with a mesh fabric keeps you comfortable and your workspace private by covering the lower part of the window while letting in natural sunlight above.

Looking for an emotional escape?
Rage rooms, crystal rooms, and library rooms are recent Pinterest search terms that are trending globally as people emerge from a pandemic mindset. It seems we are looking for places to “let their hair down” and be with whatever emotional state we are experiencing.

Whatever emotional tone you are trying to set, we have the wide selection of textures, weaves, colors, and openness factors to fit exactly what you’re going for. And if there isn’t an existing color or weave that strikes your fancy our digital printing capabilities adds even more colors and patterns to the mix.

Leave it all behind.
The ultimate emotional escape for many is now the outdoors. Draper shading solutions help create a comfortable outdoor space. The FlexShade ZIP works with existing structures to keep out insects, glare, heat gain, and the elements—all at a touch of a button, whenever you need it!

Start work on including Draper in your emotional rescue plan by visiting our Draper Home website today and contacting your Draper representative.

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