We tend to think more about window shades at times when the need feels most obvious: when the sun is in our eyes, for instance, or when we need to let in a little of the sun’s warmth on a chilly day.

But did you know window shades are a solution for all seasons? There are benefits no matter what part of the year you’re considering them. Here are some tips for the seasons of shading:

With winter over it is tempting to go all in with bright colors. But while bright colors may be your thing, it is important to think about the long game. Natural hues bring a calming effect throughout the year and give a feeling of a connection with the natural world outside.

Use your integrated control system to keep the right balance of letting in fresh breezes and warming sunshine while keeping out glare.

Following the Summer solstice in June the main concern in summer is heat gain. Lighter fabric colors are generally (but not always) better at reflecting the heat from the summer sun. However, darker colors make it easier to still see out while the shades are down. Using duplex shades with a lighter color on the outside is one way to make this a non-issue.

Again, automated controls are important, this time in keeping direct sunlight from penetrating the windows throughout the day.

John Keats called it the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.” It combines vibrant colors with more temperate conditions to create what is for many people their favorite season. The key for your window shades during this season is making the most of those dazzling views and taking advantage of the nearly mystical light. As with the other seasons, automating your shades in different parts of your home to be in the right place in relationship to the sun’s position is key to getting the fullest amount of enjoyment.

The Winter Solstice is the day of the year with the least amount of sunlight. But it is also when the sun reaches its lowest point in the sky during the year. That means more direct glare from the sun.

Once again, automation is the key. Set up scenes that allow you to harvest the maximum amount of warmth-bringing sunlight by raising and lowering the shades according to the sun’s position. And don’t forget that a great deal of winter heat loss comes at the window, so when the sun moves on, make sure those shades are closed!

All Seasons
Throughout this post we’ve talked about the importance of motorization and automation to get the most out of your shades throughout the year.

  • Here are some other general points to keep in mind no matter what time of year it is:
  • Use different fabrics/openness factors for different sides of your home
  • Use dual roller units to put two separate shades in each window
  • Use duplex fabrics or specialty fabrics to reflect heat gain while allowing view-through to the outside

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