The modern gymnasium is designed around multiple uses and simultaneous activities. Draper is introducing the next generation of gym control systems to meet those demands.

The redesigned EZ Pad 3.0 provides elegant control of the most complex gym equipment systems. The heart of the UL-Listed EZ Pad 3.0 is a 7-inch color touch screen interface with the capability to store up to 64 groups operating up to 8 devices each. With EZ Pad 3.0, gymnasium system components can be networked in almost any combination of relay boxes and touchscreens using reliable ethernet communication. This allows for a virtually infinite number of relay boxes and up to two touchscreens per relay box. Each relay box has a unique numerical address, eliminating the need to set box addresses with dip switches. 

Two-level password protection provides system security. A “supervisor” password allows for programming, while a “user” password only allows for operation. Each connected device and group can be assigned names, and unused devices can be hidden for a clean interface. Using intuitive and easy to remember names for devices and groups allows for a very user-friendly control system.   

EZ Pad 3.0 isn’t the only control system that eliminates the need for key switches for gymnasium and other equipment. However, it is unique among similarly priced control system on the market.

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