Mounts and structures for LED videowalls are more crucial than ever as resolutions continue to improve. Despite this fact, the importance of the “behind the scenes” structure can get lost in the “wow” factor of LED technology.

Draper and Barco co-sponsored a live webinar event designed to stress the importance of LED mounts and dive into the mounting tech available. “Why Mounts Matter” featured Todd McCandless, director, LED sales and strategy – Americas, and Kevin Barlow, CTS-D, director of business development for Draper.

“Ultimately in the LED world, close to zero percent of site conditions are perfect,” said McCandless. “The walls aren’t plumb, the floors aren’t perfectly flat … and there’s a lot of shimming, a lot of elements that have to be addressed because this does all impact the installation of the LED.”

In fact, McCandless said, up to 30 percent of installation time is spent adjusting the LED frames so there are no visible seams. That’s why he advocates a “mechanics first” approach to LED design. That means the mounting structure is your first consideration and the LED module comes in last. This process should help minimize LED failures and ensure a flawless installation.

Not only does Draper agree about the important of the structure behind the modules, we also believe in the importance of the technicians who install the walls. That’s why Draper developed the Foundation Mount System for LED with the installation process as our foremost concern.

“We looked at what do video wall installers love and hate about this process,” said Barlow. “The success of a videowall deployment and the quality of the image is going to depend heavily on whoever installed it, how good a job they did, and what they had to work with.”

During the webinar, Barlow outlined how Foundation addresses each step in the installation and adjustment processes. Foundation not only creates a flat mounting surface despite the wall or floor conditions. It also allows adjustment for minor inconsistencies in LED frame thickness.

To learn more about mastering the structural mechanics of LED videowalls, you can watch a recording of the webinar here.

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