Coupled window shades can make motorized operation less expensive and simpler. With a coupled unit, a single motor can drive up to five shade panels. While this is fairly simple on flat facades, coupling shades across angled glazing presents some additional challenges.

Draper has announced a newly-designed coupler system that addresses those challenges and makes installation and planning much easier.

The FlexShade® Angled Coupler can be angled more than ever before—up to 90 degrees on inside or outside corners. It also provides other improvements over previous versions.

“We’ve had the ability to manufacture coupled shades for angled glazing for a while, so we’ve been able to study how to best reach a positive outcome,” said Jeff Miller, LEED®AP, director of architectural shading solutions. “This new FlexShade Angled Coupler is easier to order and requires fewer job site visits to take measurements and prep for the install.”

A few things to keep in mind when ordering:

  • FlexShade Angled Coupler may also be used with manual crank-operated shades.
  • FlexShade 2, Colossal, and LightBloc FlexShade may not be coupled
  • Coupled shades must be the same height. Each panel’s height can be independently adjusted.
  • Brackets are installer-friendly and can overcome walls that are not perfectly flat.
  • Can be used in surface mount, pocket mount, and dual roller headboxes.
  • Adjacent roller tubes must be of the same diameter.

The FlexShade Angled Coupler is pending UL approval and is shipping now!

To learn more about the new FlexShade Angled Coupler, click here.

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