Dual roller shades are growing in popularity because you don’t have to choose between light filtering and room darkening fabrics. You can have both in the same window!

Did you know Draper® has added some new headbox options to our Dual Roller FlexShade® window shades? These new options provide even more versatility.

Go bigger.
Larger windows in structures of all types—from homes to office buildings—create a need for wider shades. To meet this demand, we created Extra Large hardware to go with our existing Standard and Large offerings. Extra Large Dual Roller FlexShade is available up to 14 feet wide.

Here is a quick guide to the sizes and models available with each hardware size:

  • Standard size: Headbox dimensions are 4-3/4 inches deep by 7 inches high, up to 8 feet long. Available for Motorized FlexShade, Clutch Operated FlexShade, Clutch Operated FlexShade NEXD, FlexShade Battery, FlexShade Recharge, and ST30 DC FlexShade with Endcaps with Fascia, Surface Mount Headbox, and Pocket Headbox hardware.
  • Large: Available with the Motorized FlexShade. Endcaps with Fascia and Pocket Headbox are available with the Motorized FlexShade in this size. Headbox dimensions are 6-1/2 inches deep by 8-1/2 inches high, up to 8 feet long.
  • Extra Large: Endcaps, Surface Mount Headbox, and Pocket Headbox are available with the Motorized FlexShade in this size. Headbox dimensions are 8-22/32 inches deep by 7-3/4 inches high, up to 14 feet long.

A logistical win.
14 feet not wide enough? Or is shipping and getting larger shades into facilities creating headaches?

The new Dual Roller Extruded Aluminum Headbox is your answer. You can order the new three-piece extruded aluminum headbox assembled or broken down. When ordered broken down, it is easier to stock, easier to get into buildings, and cheaper to ship!

Safety is verified.
Draper enjoys a reputation for manufacturing innovative, safe, and sound solutions. Local inspectors, however, may want more proof than our reputation. That’s why we sought and achieved UL Listing for the motorized Dual Roller FlexShade as a complete unit. Motorized dual rollers now carry the UL label, which immediately answers any questions about fire and shock hazard safety that an inspector might ask.

As with all Draper shading solutions, you can choose from hundreds of fabric colors and openness factors from American weavers like Mermet USA and Phifer.

For more information on motorized dual roller shades click here.

Click here for details on manual dual roller shades.

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