Innovation. Growth. Creativity. Even after 120 years, these continue to be extremely important to Draper. We’re only halfway through the first quarter of 2022 but it has already been a busy year in each of these areas!

We’ve already shared the good news about the new angled shade coupler and dual roller headboxes. Here are four more examples of what we’ve been up to in window shades:

Continually improving communication with our customers.
Open and frequent communication is imperative, especially on large shade projects.

The Draper Project Management and Shop Drawing Program is designed to improve communication. Defining wiring and mounting details in project documents ensures everyone understands how the installation will be executed. Everyone involved reviews and approves, ensuring a shared understanding of scope, operation, and performance. To learn more, click here.

Let’s hear it for the West Coast.
Being located 3 time zones ahead of our west coast customers is just one communication challenge. The western United States is also a large expanse! To help keep our communications open and focused Draper has created a unified support team for our west coast shade customers. Our team of shading experts has extensive experience and product knowledge to provide everything you need in a timely manner. We also created a single email address where you can send your orders and support questions. Click here to contact the group.

Opening the way to motorization.
Window shade motorization has quickly become recognized as the best way to get the most out of a shading system, whatever the size of your project. But expense and the mess of installing high voltage wiring have been barriers to motorization for many of our customers.

The EZ Lift is here to change all that. This quiet, rechargeable battery motor is an inexpensive way to deliver the convenience of motorization without wiring. It accepts any micro-USB charger, and a control wand is attached so it meets child safety guidelines. You’ll find it here.

More connections, fewer devices.
The heart of the IntelliFlex® I/O system is the Network Device Connector (NDC). The NDC allows a single device to be connected to wired I/O network of smart shades and input devices.

The new 3-Port NDC connects up to three I/O devices to a network, distributing both communication and power to each device. This allows multiple devices need to connect to the BUS line at a single point. This is a perfect solution for dual shade applications and to reduce hardware using left/right motor installations.

Take a deeper dive into the scalable I/O smart shade control system here.

Featured Image: Motorized FlexShade window shades with Mermet E-Screen Charcoal/Grey (1% Openness). Location: Snowbird Lodge and Ski Resort, Salt Lake City, Utah. Dealer: Right Touch Installations. Photographer: Tory Taglio.

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