Light is so important that we humans need it to survive. Every May 16th the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) pays tribute to that importance with the International Day of Light. The day commemorates scientist Theodore Maiman’s first successful operation of a laser in 1960.

Although we missed commemorating on the day, did you know Draper At Home shading solutions work with the sun and your home’s lighting systems to let the light in while reducing glare and heat gain?

Accentuate the positive.
Natural light has many positive effects on the human body and brain:

-Boosts vitamin D
-Fights seasonal depression
-Improves sleep
-Reduces reliance on electrical lighting
-Improves productivity
-Reduces stress

Having access to window views to the outside also provides a connection to nature which has been found to have an impact on mood and satisfaction.

Eliminate the negative.
Unfortunately, introducing more direct sunlight into your home can have a down side. Glare, heat gain, and UV radiation can negate the benefits of natural light and cause:

-Eye strain
-Loss of concentration
-Fading of furniture and artwork

However, you don’t just want to totally replace natural light with artificial light. You want to work with the light, not against it, allowing you to enjoy the benefits while mitigating the negatives.

Motorized FlexShade® with Mermet Obion fabric. Dealer: Square 1 Precision Lighting, Stone Park, Illinois. Photography by Barry Rustin, Elgin, Illinois.

Latch onto the affirmative.
So how do we do that? Motorization and automation.

Draper At Home shades are powered by Somfy to tie in with other smart home systems, including lighting. You can set up scenes and automations based on time and day. By automating according to where the sun typically is in your part of the world, the shades will be where they need to be for maximum effect. And if conditions change, sensors can detect that and adjust the shades. By tying in your home’s lighting system, you’ll always have the right mix of natural and artificial light.

To learn more about Draper At Home, check out our website here!

Featured image credit: Motorized FlexShade® Window Shades with Phifer SheerWeave SW2500 Beige / Pearl Grey. Optima Kierland Condos – Scottsdale, Arizona. Integrator & Installer: Progressive Commercial Interiors, LLC. Photographer: Matt O –

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