Since launching our Draper@Home collection last year, we’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. Typically, we find an outdated idea of what it means to be a U.S. manufacturer based in a small midwestern town. In this week’s “Did you know?”, let’s discuss some ways Draper breaks the mold—and what that means for you.

Draper practices evolution.
Sure, we’ve been around since 1902. And while our long history of family ownership and stability are strong points in our favor, we’re also a continually evolving company.

We’ve continued to innovate new products and throw into new markets. We consistently incorporate new technology and techniques into our manufacturing operation through lean manufacturing.

Architects trust us—you can too.
Architects have the reputation of being difficult to please. They sweat the details.

Architects have trusted Draper enough to specify our products for decades. They see us as a provider of innovative and durable solutions with the capacity to deliver what they need.

Those products are exactly what Draper@Home customers get, too. We have not created cheap knockoff versions of our architectural line—we use the same technology, skills, and materials. Draper@Home is pro level.

Our capabilities will surprise you.
When new Draper At Home dealers and integrators visit our Spiceland, Indiana facility, the first thing that happens is a widening of the eyes. That’s followed by statements like, “I didn’t know you guys did all this,” or “I never realized how huge this operation is.”

Touring our facility can take half a day, and there’s a lot to see. Our operation includes powder coating lines, metal stamping, cutting, and folding, welders and plasma cutters, laser-guided CNC machines and more.

The size and scope of our operation means we can not only turn out one perfect shade after another. We can also specialize in custom solutions that are beyond the reach of our competitors.

We maintain high quality standards.
We had a dedicated quality department that runs multiple checks on all aspects of manufacturing. But quality is so important that every Draper employee plays a role. If someone feels they are seeing a quality problem develop, s/he can shut down an entire assembly cell until the issue is resolved satisfactorily. A key measure of our success, cost of quality, is well below 1 percent in the shading area, and hovering near .5 percent.

That attention to quality is why we offer some of the industry’s best warranty terms: 25 years for most interior hardware and fabrics, 10 years for outdoor hardware, and 5 years for electronic accessories and motors and outdoor fabrics.

We deliver.
There might not be two more important words in today’s business world. Everyone has suffered from supply issues, including Draper. But our team or materials experts has worked tirelessly to not only react to the shifting landscape but get out in front of looming issues. As a result, our lead times and on-time delivery rates are much better than many of our Draper@Home competitors.

If you want to learn more about Draper At Home, please click here to go to our website. You’ll also find contact information for your Draper representative.

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