For years high ceilings in large venues have created headaches for AV designers and installers. They’ve also created neckaches for people trying to experience content on projection screens suspended from high up.

Traditionally we would solve this with extra fabric above the viewing surface. But that creates other issues, including viewing obstructions and lay flat challenges.

But now high ceilings are no longer a problem! Did you Know Draper has two ways you can have more convenient and comfortable projection screen viewing in large spaces?

RopeWalker with TecVision XH900X ALR at Fordham University – Bronx, New York. Dealer: Diversified. Photographer: Bruce Katz.

The Ropewalker integrates a projection screen and a lift together into one ceiling-recessed box.

Here’s how it works: The viewing surface unrolls from an inner case. Once the viewing surface is fully deployed the inner case and screen are lowered down from the outer case using stainless steel aircraft cables. The Ropewalker can lower the screen up to 34 feet. Safety cables with cable arresters connect the inner and outer cases to prevent any possibility of falling.

Both tab-tensioned and free-hanging viewing surfaces are available.

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The Acrobat motorized lift moves a custom screen in this installation at the DHL Innovation Center in Chicago, Illinois. Dealer: AVI-SPL.

Although we designed the Acrobat specifically to raise and lower projection screens, it was always meant to lift a variety of products. Its 1000-pound lifting capacity gives you the flexibility to use it with backdrops, scoreboards, lighting systems, and speakers!

Steel cables with integrated safety straps ensure safety as the Acrobat lowers your equipment as much as 34 feet below the mounting position.  Acrobat is especially well-suited for convention centers, stages in gymnasiums, and houses of worship.

As with the Ropewalker, both tab-tensioned and free-hanging viewing surfaces are available with the Acrobat.

Check out all the Acrobat’s details here.

Featured image: Acrobat with Premier XL TecVision CS1200X ALR Grey at Fordham University – Bronx, New York. Dealer: Diversified. Photographer: Bruce Katz

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