This time of year—around Flag Day and Independence Day—the U.S. flag gets even more attention than usual. It plays a significant role in sparkling celebrations and tributes from coast to coast. But did you know you could make every presentation of the flag special year-round?

The Patriot by Draper® is a motorized flag system that can be recessed above a ceiling, suspended, or attached to a wall. During most of the day, the flag is rolled up on a metal roller tube inside a steel case. For athletic and other events, at the touch of a switch or wireless transmitter, “Old Glory” descends into the space, providing a dramatic presentation of the flag in any gymnasium, auditorium, or other large venue.

The Patriot is available in either a horizontal or vertical display.

The standard product includes a sewn, nylon flag measuring 18 wide by 12 feet high (or 12 feet wide by 18 feet high). However, it can also be outfitted with state flags or school banners in custom sizes!

The Patriot’s black steel case melts into the background high above, but white is also available to fit seamlessly in with lighter backgrounds

Not only can you roll the flag down or up with a key switch wireless remote control, it can also be integrated into whole gym automation with our exclusive Smart Gym, which was profiled in this case study.

Learn more and find your Draper representative on our website.

Give your athletic and other events that extra something special with the Draper Patriot Motorized Flag System!

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