Oops! Now you’ve done it! There’s a stain on your beautiful Draper Home roller shade fabric panel. Or maybe you’d just like to give everything a good dusting. But before you start cleaning window shades, there are a few things to remember:

  • You can clean most Draper At Home fabrics at the window. Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment, a soft duster, or compressed air.
  • Use care when cleaning fabric to avoid creating creases or wrinkles. A flat surface may be held behind the shade surface to provide support while cleaning.
  • When vacuuming, avoid pulling or stretching the fabric. Rigorous vacuuming is not recommended since this could distort the fabric.
  • Dirt and debris can be blown away using compressed air or a hand-held air dryer on the cool setting.
  • A dry chemical sponge may be used for spot cleaning.

Cleaning Soiled Shades
For dirt or stains, on many fabrics you can use a sponge or soft cloth and mild solution of warm soapy water. We recommend a dishwashing liquid, such as Ivory liquid. Commercial and hospital grade cleaners/disinfectants or a 10% or less diluted bleach solution may be used. Test in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Do not
use water or other liquids to clean the following fabrics. Use a soft duster, compressed air, or a low-suction vacuum.

  • Phifer SheerWeave: SW7000, SW7200R/7250R, SW7400/7450, SW7500/7500R, SW7600/7650, SW7700R/7750R, SW8000
  • Mermet USA: GreenScreen Evolve, GreenScreen Revive, GreenScreen Nature, Flocke, Vizela, Verona Daylight, Verona Twilight
  • Draper: Linen Light, Linen Light Blackout, Malacca, Oslo, Oslo Blackout, Tenley, Venice Blackout
  • A dry art sponge can be used on Phifer SW7000 fabrics, Mermet USA Flocke, and Draper Palister, Fury, and Tenley.
  • If your shade fabric has a metallized backing do not use liquids, and do not rub the metallized surface. The only recommended cleaning methods are a soft duster, compressed air, or a low-suction vacuum. The non-metallized “room side” can be cleaned using the standard methods mentioned above.

If nothing we’ve recommended works, don’t take matters into you own hands: call Draper for additional help! Also contact Draper support if you aren’t sure which shade fabric you have.

Bookmark this post to keep it handy, or you can download a free PDF copy from any Draper@Home product page under the “Technical Documents” tab (here, for instance).

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