Are your old mini blinds getting bent out of shape? Did you buy some cheap window treatments at a giant DIY store and now you’re regretting it? Or maybe it’s simply time to refresh your home’s interior design. Whatever the reason, it’s time for new window treatments.

The Draper At Home collection and our national network of dealers and installers are here for you!

Photography by Matt Oberer of MattO Photography, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Why shades?
Roller shades are designed to be flexible. They are only there when you need them – you can simply roll them up and out of the way. With a variety of textures and colors available, shades are also easier to integrate with your interior design strategy.

You can also match fabric openness and colors to control glare and solar heat gain while maintaining views through to the outdoors.

Mini blinds need to be closed or tilted for effective glare control, which means frequently adjusting the tilt angle or permanently losing your view to the outside. Such frequent adjustment increases the likelihood of slat damage.

Why motorization?
The ability to motorize is a key advantage of window shades. Motorization makes it easy to quickly adjust one or all of your shades at the press of a button.

Motorization also opens the window to automation. You can take advantage of sensor-based controls, so the shades are always where they need to be to match conditions. Or the shades can be integrated into smart home networks and included in the setup of various “scenes.”

Why Draper At Home?
Now for the most important question of all. There are several shade manufacturers, so what makes Draper At Home stand out?

Here are a few considerations:

  • Choice: We have hundreds of color/openness/fabric combinations, including custom colors and patterns.
  • Quality: Draper At Home uses the same high-quality components and practices as our professional-level commercial and architectural products. Our shades are built to lest 2-3 times the normal 6- to 10-year replacement cycle for window treatments.
  • Peace of mind: Every single shade we make is tested by the person who assembled it to make sure it looks great and works flawlessly.
  • Delivery: We can typically ship your Draper At Home shades within 10 working days of the order being entered in our system!

Is it time for new window treatments in your home? Click here to view the complete Draper At Home collection and start down the path to your comfortable and stylish future!

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