Combining continuity and flexibility in a line of projection screens may seem like a tough assignment. But it’s those two overarching traits that make the TecVision line of premium surfaces from Draper so special. And they are on full display in a new TecVision video now available that takes you behind the scenes like never before.

First let’s discuss flexibility. Any projection problem that comes along has a TecVision solution. Draper has developed a wide array of formulations, each with its own specifications designed to meet certain requirements.

“TecVision surface technology allows customers to adapt to any projection system, whether you cannot control your ambient lighting, [or] whether you need a little bit of a gain boost,” said Scott Blankenship, department head for TecVision, digital printing, and AV fabric at Draper. But to achieve that flexibility, precision and consistency are required. For that, Draper uses ISF certification as a benchmark. “It ensures every one of our screens that leaves the production floor [is] going to produce great color repetitiveness, color accuracy, gain accuracy, and that’s what really makes a [top-tier] projection system.”

For the first time this video shows off not only the Draper testing lab, but also our unique coating platform. The platform was custom designed by our own engineering team to deliver high performing TecVision solutions.

For the first 8 or so years of TecVision’s existence, the doors to the coating room were closed to video cameras. But by clicking on the image below, you will have a front row seat to see how we make our award-winning TecVision surfaces, and the advantages they bring to the marketplace.

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