“Peace — that was the other name for home.”

Kathleen Norris

Peace and comfort are two of the most important aspects of home. That’s been made apparent by events of the past couple of years. More than ever, people are seeking to create a sense of calm and order, away from the stressful world. They’re looking for a bit of Zen.

The application of Zen principles to interior home design has become more popular. Although not a formal design style, it is typically associated with simplicity and minimalism. You can also use these principles in your outdoor space.

Here are a few ways you can use motorized Draper At Home roller shades to help create a bit of Zen inside and outside your home.

Draper Malacca Dune (left) and Mermet Verona Daylight™ Luna.

Use fabrics with natural Earth tones.
Shizen means “nature” or “naturalness” in the Japanese language. OK, it’s more complicated than that, but most definitions are related to learning from nature. Color plays a key role in bringing us a sense of balance, harmony, and relaxation.

Choose soft tones of natural colors. Chromatic harmony and visual continuity are important but you can still bring more diversity to your space by working with different shades or degrees of 1 or 2 dominant colors. Draper can create custom colors to make sure your shades fit right in with the concept,

Phifer® SheerWeave® – SW5000 Bamboo White/Wheat (left) and Bamboo Spt/Brown.

Choose fabrics that have a natural look.
Shade fabrics come in many patterns and textures. The weave of a fabric panel partners with the color to create that calming sense of nature. Choosing the right openness factor creates a balance between intimacy in the space and connection to the outdoors even when interior or exterior shades are deployed – another key part of Zen.

Soften your space with natural light.
Natural light is important. So why are we recommending shades and blocking out all that light? We don’t want to block light. Instead, use it to your advantage.

Openness factor, color, and weave pattern combine to determine how well you can see through to the natural world, and how much light gets in. The goal here is to block glare but still allow soft natural light and views into the space.

You can also control the intensity of light much better with motorized and automated shades. Automation ensures your shades are always in the perfect place for maximum Zen. Sensors can react to changing conditions, like clouds crossing the sun.

Of course, it is about more than just light. There are other ways shades can make your space calmer and more comforting. For instance, they also help block distracting sounds from outside.

Keep it simple.
The overall concept of a Zen design is all about simplicity. So, while we can print custom patterns and colors on your shades, try to avoid striking, bright patterns. One idea is to incorporate subtle natural patterns from other decorations on custom-printed shades, or perhaps a muted design based on natural materials.

To help keep things simple on the inside, be sure to choose from the Draper At Home collection of motorized FlexStyle™ shades. The FlexStyle combines elegance and simplicity to fit right in with your Zen space. Click here to learn more about our FlexStyle motorized shades, and to find out how to purchase yours.

For outdoors, the FlexShade® ZIP not only blocks glare, the unique “ZIP” feature also helps keep bugs, rain, and unpleasant temperatures out. Click here to learn more about the FlexShade ZIP and other outdoor motorized shades.

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