Over the past several years, Draper has received several product and company-level awards from many sources. Among our favorites were “Favorite Shading Company” and “Favorite Screen Company” in the rAVe Readers’ Choice Awards. That’s because they are voted on by people in the AV industry, many of them our customers, and you don’t have to pay to be in contention. Everyone starts at the same place.

However, we’ve never received both of these awards in the same year, so we’re hoping to pull off a “two-for” in 2023!

Voting couldn’t be easier. You simply go to the voting page, enter your email address, then proceed to vote in several categories.

And if you don’t know who you should support in various categories, there’s a handy “I don’t have an opinion” option.

The deadline for voting is May 24. Winners will be announced June 7.

To vote for Draper, click here and select us for “Shade Company of the Year” and “Screen Company of the Year!”

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