You can expect more innovation and “wows” from Draper At Home next month as we head to the annual CEDIA EXPO. This year, in addition to our traditional indoor booth, we will also be partnering with Coastal Source and Just Video Walls outside, as part of CEDIA’s “Destination Outdoors.” We will be demonstrating our wide range of outdoor roller shades and unique shading solutions.

The motorized, wind tunnel tested FlexShade ZIP filters harsh glare in outdoor covered spaces to provide a comfortable environment for guests and family. The unique ZIP detail along the sides of the fabric keeps the shade panel firmly in place and resists wind, weather, and insects. An XL version is available up to 25 feet wide in a 5-inch cassette.

The Exterior Motorized FlexShade is an economical and easy-to-use outdoor shading solution. Side channels or cable guides keep the shade fabric in place.

Draper At Home will also showcase unique shading solutions from European partners. For glazed corners where there is no mullion, the Sideways Drawing ZIP system addresses glare control and privacy with an innovative twist. Motorized metal shading systems such as Exterior Venetian Blinds by Warema and the FlexLouver rack arm system use louvers to allow pinpoint daylight control to keep glare and heat gain from penetrating into your space.

Draper At Home really benefits from our overall custom capacity to be able to deliver a wide range of products that impact outdoor living comfort. We are able to design and manufacture our own unique and robust solutions, but we also have partnerships with innovative European designers to bring even more options to the table.

Head for “Destination Outdoors” with Draper At Home Thursday and Friday, September 7-8, at CEDIA EXPO in Denver. Outdoor exhibit hours will be 10 a.m.-7 p.m. If you haven’t registered yet, click here – and use code EXIV804389 for a free show pass.

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