Since introducing Draper At Home two years ago during CEDIA 2021, one of our major goals was to listen to people in the residential market and provide solutions to meet their needs. At CEDIA 2023, we are sharing the fruits of that effort as we introduce several new products to the residential market.

FlexStyle Cassette
The FlexStyle Cassette is a trim and elegant roller shade that ships assembled and ready for mounting. The low-profile cassette installs quickly and easily to mounting brackets, which attach to the wall or ceiling with only one screw per bracket. It is available with curved or square fascia, which can be wrapped in fabric to match the shade panel or surrounding décor. Taupe, Grey, Black, White, and Warm White powder coat colors are also available.

Gabled Bottom-Up FlexShade
This innovative solution for gabled (angled) replaces the usual rectangular roller shade overlapping the window opening or static fabric panel. The Gabled Bottom-Up FlexShade can be sill-mounted in the window. It can handle angles up to 45 degrees in either direction. The shade panel is kept under constant tension by tiny cables. One end is attached to tensioned spring boxes and the other to a flexible hem bar. The flexible hem bar wraps around the roller along with the fabric, allowing complete retraction of the shade.

Simple fabric tracking adjustment is built right into the endcap so the fabric panel always looks perfectly straight.

 Custom Color Shades (see featured photo above)
Did you know you can now order Draper At Home roller shades in any custom color you want? Although we’ve already been talking about this, we are placing a real emphasis on our custom color capabilities beginning with the CEDIA Expo.

The process is simple. You provide Draper At Home with a color number from one of several paint manufacturers, or from Pantone. You can also send a sample – a piece of fabric, a paint chip, or something else. Our Certified Digital Color Professionals have trained with the Printing United Alliance, an industry trade organization, to become experts at producing consistent and accurate color.

The latest fixed frame projection screen from Draper offers the performance of multiple screen types in a single flexible screen model that comes packed with features and is easy to order. The StyleLine Fixed Screen is available up to 12 feet wide with two bezel trim options – 5/8″ or 3″ – and in an edgeless version. The aluminum frame features a back channel for attaching LED backlighting, and both bezels are covered with Veltex, a black, velvety textile that eliminates light reflections from projector over scan.

European Partners
Draper has strong working relationships with European outdoor shading manufacturers. These partners can provide Draper At Home with some unique solutions not otherwise generally available in the United States. Draper at Home will showcase some of these unique shading solutions in the “Destination Outdoors” setting outside of the CEDIA Expo hall. The Sideways Drawing ZIP system addresses glazed corners where there is no mullion. Motorized metal shading systems such as Exterior Venetian Blinds by Warema and the FlexLouver rack arm system use louvers to allow pinpoint daylight control to keep glare and heat gain from penetrating into your space.

The StyleLine is light and installer-friendly thanks to a quick-connect subframe, hook and loop fabric attachment, and screw-on decorative frame.

The first public showing for many of these products starts tomorrow in booth 3912 and “Destination Outdoors” CEDIA EXPO 2023! If you’re on hand for the show stop by. You can also contact your Draper At Home representative for more information.

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