Direct view LED displays continue to be a hot technology. LED lasts longer than other display technologies and it’s brighter. The modular nature of LED panels means you can create a video wall of nearly any shape or size. The best part is there are no visible seams to interrupt your flawless viewing experience.

Of course, the support structure plays an important role in that flawless appearance. The keys to a successful dvLED video wall installation are durable mounting hardware, extreme alignment precision, and design simplicity.

Would you like to know more about LED displays? On November 8, Draper Director of AVMS Product Management Grant Wylie will present a live webinar on this amazing tech and the key components of a solid support structure. The webinar will be hosted by PSNI.

During the class, Wylie will:

  • Compare LED, LCD, and projection technologies
  • Review pixel pitch, viewing distances and other factors when evaluating LED display systems
  • Evaluate adjustment capabilities, and wall, floor, and ceiling attachment details when selecting an LED mounting system

Even though PSNI is hosting this event it is open to the public! So, click here to register now!

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