Sometimes the smallest things make a big difference.

Georgia builder Jerome Rosetti had designed and built a beautiful outdoor living space that included a lap pool. Rosetti wanted to keep the space useable during the heat of summer and sometimes chilly winter days, but he did not want to build a traditional screen in porch.

So, he decided to use outdoor roller shades, but couldn’t find a solution that would match his vision, which was to inset side channels for the shades in stone columns.

So when Wes Bradshaw, the owner of Sunbelt Technology in Atlanta, attended the annual CEDIA EXPO, one of his goals was to find a solution for Rosetti.

“We looked at the Draper At Home booth and literally found the exact stone that we thought we were going to use,” said Bradshaw. “The setting, the channel. I sent a picture of it to Jerome and he said, ‘That’s exactly what I’m looking to do.’ “

Draper At Home custom manufactured and shipped the side channels early, so they could be set into the stone columns ahead of time. It was small but hugely significant – and just what Rosetti needed.

“I love the zip product,” said Rosetti. “These have been very easy to use. They’ve integrated them with my control four system and we’re very happy with them. My wife and I love to eat outside, sit outside, and then when my grandkids come over, they virtually live out here and live in the pool.”

“These shades go hand in hand with giving you the indoor/outdoor space that most homes need,” said Bradshaw. “Here we are a year later, and we’ve installed 14 of these outdoor shades and they work like a charm.” See more photos of this awesome installation below, and also check out our video case study here.

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