Workplace safety is a top priority for Draper. And for any safety program to be successful, employees have to be fully engaged. Not only does it keep them safer, but it also helps customers by keeping a smooth process going without interruptions.

“It is crucial for all employees to be invested in thinking about safety in the workplace. This mindset helps create a culture of safety where everyone is actively looking out for their own wellbeing and that of their colleagues,” said Carrie Andecover, Safety Manager for Draper. “By prioritizing safety, employees can prevent accidents and injuries, promote a healthy work environment, and contribute to overall productivity and morale.”

Andecover and the cross-functional Draper safety team were considering different ways to improve employee awareness about the importance of safety in the workplace, including monthly safety games. The team also hit upon another idea: a new safety slogan. And what better way to generate excitement and enthusiasm around the topic than holding a contest to come up with the new slogan?

“A safety slogan is a concise and memorable phrase that can help reinforce key safety messages and encourage safe behaviors,” said Andecover. “By involving employees in a contest to come up with a safety slogan, you get their creativity and dedication to safety, resulting in a slogan that resonates with the entire team.”

Draper received 160 entries, and the winner was announced last week at the company’s annual Employee Meeting.

The new slogan contributed by Inventory Control Analyst Brian Rummel and chosen by the Draper Executive Committee is (drum roll please) …


In addition to being recognized the annual meeting, Brian and his fellow workers will be treated to a pizza party as a reward for the new slogan which will be used throughout the facility and in documents related to safety.

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