An updated version of the child safety standard for window coverings – ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2022 takes effect June 1, 2024. This standard, while voluntary, is being followed by every window covering manufacturer as a way to ensure the safety of window coverings with chain or cord operators.

Below is more information about this new standard.

June 1, 2024, a new update of the WCMA/ANSI standard on child safety in window coverings will take effect. ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2022 requires that stock window coverings must not have cords that could entangle children. When custom window coverings must have cords or chains for operation, the product will be furnished with a tensioned hold-down device that is permanently attached and partially disables the product if not installed correctly.

Draper will be making changes to all of our chain-operated products in order to comply with this standard. Beginning June 1, each product with a bead chain will be shipped with a tensioned hold down permanently attached to the chain. The tensioned hold-down must be installed with tension on the chain for the roller shade to function properly. Chain connectors will be affected in the same manner and cannot be removed from the chain without breaking. We will also ship specialty brackets with the tensioned hold down device to address most installation scenarios.

These changes will not have an impact on the pricing reflected in our quotes. However, Draper will make the new chain connectors and tensioned hold-down devices available for purchase from our small parts department after June 1. They can be used as components to retrofit existing projects that were shipped prior to this change. Please note that shades installed prior to June 1 are not covered by the new standard. Retrofitting previously installed shades with the new connectors and hold down devices is at the discretion of the dealer, GC, or building owner.

The Draper product configurator will be updated in May to allow you to quote and order the new hold-down device. Starting June 1, this new device will be the only option in the configurator. At that time, other hold down options will be discontinued.

Keep in mind that Draper has many products available that already meet this new standard, including Twin Pull, Spring-operated, and Motorized shades, with more options on the way.

Beginning June 1, 2024, you can rest assured that all chain-operated shades shipping from the Draper manufacturing facility in Indiana will be fully compliant with the new WCMA standard. For additional information, please go to

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