If you’re looking for a manually operated child safe alternative to bead chain window shades, look no further than the new Ascend from Draper At Home!

The Ascend is a new type of manual roller shade from Draper At Home that provides the same luxurious and elegant feel as our motorized solutions and without hanging cords or chains. The Ascend’s ultra-safe cordless operation requires only a slight touch of the hand upwards at the bottom of the hembar to retract. It is compliant with ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2022, which takes effect June 1, and has been certified Best for Kids™ by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association!

Roller shades in small windows in out of the way spaces aren’t used as often as those in other, more accessible spaces. The Ascend operator is a simple and safe alternative, with no hanging cords for children or pets to interact with.

The Ascend is available with FlexStyle brackets and in a curved or square cassette version. The cassette fascia can be wrapped in fabric to match the shade panel or surrounding décor, or powder coated. Ascend is also available with FlexShade brackets, fascia, and headboxes.

Initially it will come in sizes up to 8 feet wide, but we will soon offer larger sizes. For units that are out of reach when fully open, we offer a Pull-Down Wand to assist in raising and lowering the shades.

Find your perfect cordless manual shade at the links below or reach out to your Draper At Home representative.

FlexStyle Ascend

FlexStyle Cassette Ascend

FlexShade Ascend

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