As you likely know by now, the latest ANSI standard for child safety and window coverings took effect June 1, 2024. ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2022 requires all custom window shades with bead chain operators to have a tensioned hold down device permanently attached to the chain. If the device is not properly installed, the product will not work.

There are four ways to mount the new tensioned hold down device: Inside/Surface, Side, Inside/Bracket, and Floor Mount.

To help installers know in advance what they’ll need to do once they get onto the jobsite, we have created four short installation videos. Each video goes through the process of drilling, mounting, and attaching for one of the different mounting requirements.

And remember, with the tensions hold down device permanently attached, the accuracy of your measurements is critical! So remember to measure twice, and drill once!

Click here for a YouTube playlist of all 4 videos. You might want to go ahead and bookmark them while you’re there!

You’ll also find the videos and much more content about the new ANSI standard, including alternative child safe products, on our special Child Safety Page.

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