Note: This is one of a series of posts about Technical Project Management Services offered by Draper. Click here to read the introduction to this series, including information on the full TPMS program.

In our previous TPMS post, we discussed Automated Glare Control. This intelligent type of control system automatically adjusts shades throughout the day based on a combination of sensor readings and real time calculations about the sun’s position.

But what happens when other elements interfere? Is there a time of day when sunlight is being reflected from a neighboring building when the shades are up? Or is a large building blocking the sun at a time when the shades are typically down?

As intelligent as it is, an AGC system cannot account for such interference from external environmental elements. So what then?

That’s when the Technical Project Services team uses something called Environmental Forecasting. Environmental Forecasting takes a look at a building’s surroundings – not just it’s geographical location. We then design a unique Automated Control Customization plan to address those surroundings. This plan improves the shading response to local conditions using custom rules for with obstructions or reflected glare.

This enhanced system creates a more comfortable and productive indoor environment. It is also more flexible in meeting the needs of building occupants.

You can get more information about all aspects of our Technical Project Management Services by visiting the “Commissioning” link in the Pro Portal Pro toolbox. You can also reach out to your Draper representative.

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