Lately we’ve noticed how often we field questions on unique applications. Curved screens, excessive black drop, unique sizes, custom colors, specialized surfaces like 3D, and large sizes.

StageScreen_AssemblyIt seems like more and more people are looking for a new solution … something that isn’t in a box on a shelf. Something that fits exactly what they need.

It seems that custom is the new standard.

I’ve been in the industry long enough to remember when a custom screen—or custom anything—was a big deal. That started changing, in many ways, in 2009.

That’s when we were just introducing the StageScreen. It was the largest screen in our line, and the most flexible. The modular concept—being able to build different screen sizes by adding, subtracting, or substituting frame pieces—caught on. It also stirred the imaginations of our dealers.

Draper_Lace_Grommet_Detail 01We started getting more and more questions about changing things up. First was the need for a really large screen permanently installed, or curved. That turned into our Lace & Grommet Frame screen, which can be curved, and permanently installs with wall or fly mount. We can also do custom shapes.

That led to more questions about having curved screens supported by legs. That turned into custom Edgeless and Shadowbox Clarions on legs, often curved to specific applications.

These developments in turn opened Draper to more involvement in specialized markets like simulation, multiple projection, and high end projection productions.

InfoComm_Finished_2Next we upgraded our manufacturing capabilities to let us make and cut products with custom shapes—our abilities in this area were demonstrated by our 2014 InfoComm booth, which was designed, built, and finished in our own facility.

Then, along came TecVision. We developed five initial formulations in this premium line of viewing surfaces, promising that we could develop new formulations as situations called for it. And so we did. So far, we’ve added three formulations, each of which was developed based on a specific solution needed by customers.

How custom can you get?

Sure, we will stock some products—and sell standard part number items.

These are just some of the reasons I’ve starting telling people that paradigm has shifted.

Custom is the new standard.

For more information on how the StageScreen actually came about, click here.

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