Have you ever been setting up for a show, struggling to lift a portable projection screen up onto its legs, and wished you had another hand?

As usual, Draper has already been thinking about this problem, and, of course, we have a solution, although it may be one you’ve not heard of.

What you need is a Draper StageHand.stagehandstep3

No, the StageHand isn’t an extra person who shows up wearing a Draper shirt and ready to help with the heavy lifting. The StageHand is an accessory to our folding and modular projection screens.

This handy tool helps you save sweat, time, and money by allowing one person to set up most folding screens. The StageHand is a simple device consisting of two “hooks” mounted on the end of a telescoping pole. The pole has a non-skid rubber tip. The hooks firmly hold and lift the top of a folding screen frame, allowing you to raise a portable screen to the upright position.

Setup and teardown crews used to our CineFold and UFS folding screens are probably already familiar with this tool, but if you’re mostly working with our bigger Truss CineFold and StageScreen products, you may not realize just how handy the StageScreen can be. The StageHand can even be used on larger Truss CineFold and StageScreen models that would seem to be too tall for the full use of a Stagehand. If you have three people, that third person could be a huge help with the stagehand in getting the hardest lifting out of the way. With one person on each end, the third person uses the StageHand to provide extra push up through 45 degrees-the most difficult point of lifting. At that point, the StageHand can be disengaged and the screen taken to full vertical by the two crew members on the ends.

stagehandstep2There are two models of Stagehand. Part number 219054 is for Cinefold or Truss Cinefold. 382125 is for the UFS or Stagescreen. Although advertised as being for use with sizes up to 12’ high, as mentioned above lifting taller screens into place can also be aided.

When using the StageHand for the StageScreen or Truss Cinefold, we do recommend more than one person assists on the set up of the screen—even on the smallest sizes. Safety should always come first!

For more information on the StageHand, click here!

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