Disruptive may not be a word that typically describes a projection screen manufacturer. But we’re happy to claim that title.

Draper provided this floor screen for the NEC booth.

Draper’s rebranding announcement at InfoComm 2017 is being called a “disruptive” moment by an AV industry blogger.

Integrator and AV blogger Corey Moss recently included Draper in a series of post-InfoComm articles about his top disruptive picks from the show.

“When I do my disruptive picks at InfoComm, I look at a multitude of products, solutions, and services at the show for inclusion, however I also look for those that make a different kind of industry impact, which I refer to as ‘The Bonus,’” Moss said. “The disruptive picks bonus represents something which takes place at the show beyond the exhibitor’s normal mission to showcase products, solutions, and services. Draper’s re-brand certainly represented this bonus statement, which is why I selected it.”

But wait—a projection screen manufacturer, doing something disruptive?

A 70 foot-wide screen and four projector fly cages were provided for a gathering space called The Park.

“Many AV people look at Draper and assume that a projection screen manufacturer must be pretty low tech. So, we can’t be disruptive,” Penny Sitler, Draper’s marketing manager, said in the article. “They are wrong!”

Not only does this go for our rebranding, but also for the development of solutions seen in Draper’s InfoComm 2017 booth, and in others throughout the show floor.

NEC, Absen, Scalable, Display Solutions, and The Park were just a few places where Draper solutions were seen making a big impact on visitors. And these weren’t simple off-the-shelf products. These were customized, one-of-a-kind solutions, used for a special purpose.

  • NEC featured a steel front projection screen specially coated to stand up to foot traffic.
  • Absen displayed a custom designed and manufactured bezel for LEDs. Absen’s logo was cut into the bezel.
  • Scalable had a huge custom curved screen.
  • The Park featured a 70 foot wide Draper screen and custom Draper fly cages holding four NEC projectors.

For Absen, we provided a custom bezel which included their logo, cut into the metal.

Those are just a few examples of how our custom abilities in several product categories were demonstrated. You’ll find us working on even more projects and solutions like these as we continue to evolve.

Providing the technology you want, the functionality you expect, and the design desire. Now that’s disruptive!

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